5 Restaurant Supplies Needed to Boost Your Catering Business
August 06, 2017
06 August
M. Silva
If you have a restaurant and have thought about boosting your catering business, there are several restaurant supplies you will need to invest in. It will allow you to cook more food, transport it with ease, and serve it up to guests.

1: Chafing Dishes
Chafing dishes are perhaps the most important part of restaurant supplies for a catering business. These will allow you to keep food hot and present it to guests in a nice manner.

Various styles are available. Some chafing dishes have roll-back lids that stay on. You simply roll it back when people want to serve themselves. Other dishes have lids that need to be removed once you open the buffet line. Many chafing dishes also have holders at the bottom for sternos or other chafing dish fuels.

2: Serving Utensils
Serving utensils should be purchased by the dozens. This includes slotted spoons, tongs, and ladles. You want to make it easy for people to serve the food that is in front of them. By having various types of utensils, you can be sure to put the right utensil in the food that is being served.

You should always bring more utensils to a catering function than what you actually need. Someone will drop a set of tongs or a serving spoon. It's easier to put a clean one up on the table than to have to hold up the line and take the time to clean the one that fell. Anything you can do to keep the line moving should be done.

3: Silver Trays
Depending on what you're serving, silver trays are a great way to present foods. Biscuits, breads, desserts, and more can be placed on trays. These might be placed on tables for people to help themselves. If the function is more high-end, then the trays can be used for passed hors d'oeuvres by waiters.

The trays are reusable, too. This allows you to make a one-time investment. The trays will allow you to put out more food without relying solely on chafing dishes.

4: Speed Racks
Speed racks are one of the restaurant supplies you will keep in the kitchen for the most part. It will allow you to do a lot of prep and keep items on cookie sheets. Most speed racks can hold 10 or more sheets, so you can do a lot of work.

If you have a catering truck, the speed racks can be covered and transported. It might be just what you need to organize hamburger and hot dog buns. If you're going to cook at your function, then the speed racks can be rolled into the kitchen or grilling area so your cooks have organization in their work space.

5: Insulated Food Carriers
When you can't cook on site, it's important to keep the food hot as it travels. Insulated food carriers come in a variety of sizes. Many are designed to hold several trays of food. Once you are ready to serve, the food can be transferred from the carrier and into the chafing dishes.

With so many restaurant supplies to choose from, you make sure that catering is made easier.