7 of the Top Restaurant Supplies to Have When You Operate a Buffet
September 10, 2017
10 September
M. Silva
All-you-can-eat buffets are popular. People love to be able to access a variety of food and fill up their plates as often as they want. However, you need to be sure you have the best restaurant supplies to support the buffet.

#1: Chafing Dishes
When it comes to being able to serve food, chafing dishes provides you with plenty of options. Especially when you don't have permanent hot lines established, the chafing dishes allow you to serve up hot food from any table. Various sizes of dishes are available, too. You can choose to serve a soup from a round dish, two side dishes from a rectangular one, or even a main entree in a large one.

#2: Serving Spoons
You need more serving spoons than you think. If you plan on doing a two-sided buffet line, then you will need two spoons for every item. Plus, you should have extra spoons so that you can change them out periodically. Someone is bound to drop a spoon, too, and having extras will allow you to put one into the rotation without holding up the lines.

#3: Tongs
Not all foods are easily served with spoons. By having tongs on your list of restaurant supplies, it allows you to serve up more food. From ribs to corn muffins, your buffet line will be filled with all sorts of delicious food. And with tongs in place, people can get what they want onto their plate without making a mess in the process.

#4: Ladles
You might have soup, gravy, or various sauces on your buffet line. This is something you need to think about. Just as you want to give people the right silverware to eat the food, you need to have the right serving ware for the buffet line. Ladles come in all shapes and sizes. They also make ones that have a plastic coating on the handles so no one has to worry about burning themselves.

#5: Baskets
All sorts of baskets should be used on a buffet line. These can house napkins, condiment packets, and even dinner rolls. It will make everything that people need to complete their meal readily accessible. The added bonus of placing items in baskets is that you allow people to be more self-sufficient.

#6: Plate Warmers
Plate warmers are a great addition to your buffet line. Whether you're serving breakfast, dinner, or any other meal, you want people to be able to pick up a hot plate. The plate warmers will make it easier for people to keep their food warm as they go through the buffet line and take it back to their table. If you provide cold plates, their food might be cooled down before they have a chance to take the first bite.

#7: Sneeze Guards
There's nothing worse than people sneezing into the food you have just laid out for everyone. Sneeze guards help to protect the food so that nothing is contaminated as people pass through the line. Various models are available, allowing you to adjust the height and the angle of the guards.

When you have quality restaurant supplies, it will give you more options within your operations. Particularly when you have a buffet line, you need specific supplies so that your customers get a good experience.