Equipment that you may require when opening a Restaurant
April 29, 2017
29 April
M. Silva
From holding equipment to food warming equipment, there are plenty of equipment that is required for a restaurant. Restaurant equipment plays a major part in the preparation of the delectable desserts, sizzling steaks and piquant pasta we get to enjoy from time to time. Most of the equipment goes to the kitchen as this is the center of any restaurant with many activities taking place here. While opening a restaurant, you just don’t need normal equipment, but you require high standard and quality equipment that will last for some years. But what are some of the important equipment you should have in your restaurant?

Slicers are perhaps the most utilized equipment in any restaurant. They are used for their precision and speed when it comes to cutting meat, potatoes, and cheese in the kitchen. They can also be used for other types of foods. However, the type of slicer you go for will be determined by its use in your restaurant. For a slow restaurant that deals with low volumes of food, you should settle for a manual slicer. If the restaurant is a fast one, you should settle for an electric slicer that is also automatic. The good thing about the slicer is that it saves labor and time in any restaurant.

Food processors
This is another common restaurant equipment Toronto and comes in four types. There is the buffalo chopper, the continuous feed, the batch bowl and the combination processor. The batch bowl processor is the simplest and is usually made of plastic. However, manufacturers are also producing stainless steel batch processors that can last for some years. The continuous feed processor allows for food to be continuously added to the processing unit. They are very effective in reducing food preparation time and have the ability to hold large quantities of food. As for the buffalo choppers, they handle all types of foods ranging from meats to all types of vegetables. The combination processor has the capability to perform the tasks that can be done by the three preceding processors.

Freezers and refrigerators
A list of restaurant equipment wouldn’t be complete without freezers and refrigerators. This is because all restaurants deal with perishable goods from time to time. Refrigerators used in a restaurant are designed with industrial ability as they can handle large food quantities without breaking down. The type of refrigerator and freezer you acquire for your restaurant is determined by the size of your operation.

A fixer is a mandatory equipment for a restaurant that deals with baking and the one you choose depends on the amount of food you handle. Common types of freezers in the market include the spiral mixer and the planetary mixer. The spiral mixer works well with dense materials.