How Canadian Restaurants are Going Hi-Tech
February 22, 2017
22 February
M. Silva
Business owners looking to upgrade their restaurant equipment Toronto are finding that the current options feature a significant amount of technology that is changing the dining experience across Canada.

From induction ranges to automated baking machines that deliver fresh bread, biscuits and pastries around the clock, the new restaurant equipment Toronto options offer improved functionality to streamline the kitchen-to-table processes.

A couple of years ago, the restaurant technology trends in Canada were mostly limited to touchscreen controls on kitchen equipment and QR codes on most ingredients for easy ordering; these days, restaurant tech is centered on mobile apps as well as on the harmonization of technology and meals to improve the overall customer experience. Here are a few trends developing in 2017:

Wearable Tech in Kelowna

The buzzer system given to diners who wait on open tables at busy restaurants is nothing new; however, the Canadian Brewhouse in Kelowna has upgraded its buzzers by making them interactive. The buzzers in this restaurant offer diners three options: call a server, get the bill or undo your last request. Servers wearing smart wristbands similar to FitBit trackers are notified of the table that is making the request.

The Tim Hortons App

Two dozen Tim Hortons locations in Ontario are currently testing a smartphone app that automates the ordering process. In essence, the Tim Hortons app allows customers to place their orders ahead of arriving at the establishment; they can also pay for their bill on their smartphone. This test comes after the parent company of this Canadian casual dining chain spent two years developing an app formerly known as Brewster.

Upscale Dining at Home

In British Columbia, the fine-dining Hub Restaurant Group has partnered with ParcelPal, a software solution that streamlines the food delivery process. The group has implemented ParcelPal into its Vancouver restaurants; the goal is to introduce a perk for diners who are likely to reciprocate with brand loyalty.

Augmented Reality at White Spot

The legendary White Spot restaurants known for its playful Pirate Paks for kids are upgrading this amenity with 3D animations and augmented reality. The Pirate Pak is now a mobile app that can be installed from Google Play or iTunes; the familiar White Spot characters such as Captain Beak Rogers encourage children to play games, read tales of the high seas, make music, and watch animated videos. Naturally, the Pirate Pak is also a branding opportunity for the restaurant chain since children learn more about menu items and special events at locations near them.